Monday, February 27, 2012

Small Changes Ripple Outward

I love Ted Talks.  So many of them make me pause to rethink my views or seek out more information on their spoken topic.  Their subjects span all sorts of categories, and I love most of them.  Today, I found this talk. Please watch it, you’ll love it. Interesting how just a small shift in your perspective can change your future.

So as suggested by Shawn Achor, here Are 3 NEW Things I am grateful for:
The sun is rising earlier in the day. Soon, I’ll be waking up to sunlight at 5 am again.  I love those weeks.
I met a wonderful lady from France who shares my enthusiasm for Cloth and Bobbin, my favorite quilt store. She is the other sewing volunteer for the Middle School’s Wizard of Oz play.

I think I might be done sewing costumes for my daughter’s play.  No more flying monkey vests, lollipop kid aprons or lion’s tales. I can get back to quilting.


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I just watched The Happy Secret. It was wonderful. I was particularly struck by the idea of our warped sense of the accurate ratio of positive to negative due to the media assault...and how we have "pushed happiness over the cognitive horizon" as a society. Very good stuff! Now, off to the gratitudes...

  2. This came just in time to pass on to someone who needs it today. Now let's pray he takes it to heart! For myself, I'm jumping up and down and saying "Yes!". This has been my soapbox message for ages--change your perspective and the whole world can seem different. I really liked that Sean included a game plan for helping us to change directions. So, I am grateful today that God can bring good things from bad circumstances; that He is in complete control, even though I have no idea which of several directions to go; that my warm, comfortable home has plenty of food for all my family.

    Thanks for sharing that, Ann.