Saturday, May 26, 2012

And We Have A Winner!

Congratulations goes to Marie, commenter number 8, who left the following suggestion:  "Maybe it's just because I am a visual person, but for my liking, the better you can make the layout and images on your blog, the better it will be. That means clear, crisp, focused images in good light. But it also means spending a little time setting up and cropping the photos so that the essence of what you want is there, clear and interesting. And if you have a few good photos you don't have to post tons and tons of them. No need to have a busy template background because it just takes away from the story that you are trying to tell."   

Marie practices what she preaches. You can see her design theory on her blog, Quilt Bee. 
It's clean, crisp, with the images grabbing your attention. 

This was fun for me. Thanks to all for participating, and if you do choose to keep visiting, don't be surprised to see Orange Crumpled Napkin change in its layout as I apply what I learned.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Don't Miss This Bus!

omg i left the baby on the busYears ago, when my now adult son was just a baby, we were stationed in Weisbaden, Germany and had no car. One day, after finishing my shopping at the Mittwoche Markt, the Wednesday morning farmers market, my 18 month old son and I got on the bus. I was loaded down with my baskets, so I first put the stroller with my baby on the bus, then stooped down to pick up my purchases. When I stood back up, the bus had already left!                                                                                             You should have seen me running and screaming and crying down the street chasing after that bus! Hair flying, tears streaming, sweat pouring, apples flying out of my basket, yelling in every language I knew to get that bus to stop. After three blocks, the bus driver realized what happened and stopped to allow me to catch up.  A few months later, we were out and about and saw this Roy Lichtenstein image on a t-shirt. Hilarious. Just. Freaking. Hilarious. But, it does create a nice segue way between  polka dots and forgetting important things. 

Today is the last day to enter my Giveaway for 9 fat quarters on polka dots and 1 stripe. Tomorrow morning, when I wake up and have had my coffee, I'll do that whole random generator thing and we'll have a winner. Don't miss this bus!
 Want to increase your blog traffic?
 Another item of business I would like to talk about is the Quilting Gallery. It's been around for a few years but I just discovered it a few weeks ago. Recently, Mishka, the administrator of this site, did some major housekeeping and made some big changes to help improve the blogger's navigating experience. This lovely site hosts 5,200 quilt blogs from 77 countries. If you are a blogger and are looking to connect with other quilters in the world, follow this link to become a part of this vibrant community. You can click on the link above or on the button on my main page.

And thanks so much for reading and leaving your comments. They truly do get me in my sewing room to work at my craft.