Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's My First Giveaway! (This Is Now Closed)

A heartfelt thank you to the 1,000th viewer who took the time to look through my postings. I started this blog in early February and wasn't sure if anybody would read it.  I have to admit, the attention feels good and motivates me to keep working on my quilts.
For my first giveaway, one gracious viewer will receive the following 9 fun and funky fat quarters I picked up at Cloth and Bobbin. Everyone seems to love dots. They brighten almost any project. This Giveaway is open to anybody anywhere, except for maybe Antarctica because I'm not quite sure how I would mail a package there.
To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is help out a new blogger. Leave a comment to this post with the best blogging tip you have.  It can be technical, marketing, design, inspirational, photography tip, something  you have done or have seen done that makes reading a blog more pleasurable. If you don't blog, then leave a comment about your favorite quilting blog and why you like it so much. I will choose a winner using random generator on Saturday, May 26th.


  1. Pictures to break up longer posts keep readers interested. Too many words and it becomes work to get through it. That's what I think, and how I do it- for what that's worth to ya. :) Congratulations on your first giveaway!
    havenera @ gmail dot com

  2. photos are always a great way to keep your readers reading...and photos of where you are, what you do...YOU...I've always like seeing who I'm reading!
    fun fabrics for your first give away!

  3. Photos are great, but post a pic of what you've just come up with - a tablerunner, something else cute - a tutorial - all are quite popular.
    And giveaways of course!

  4. I think that photos are very important to make a blog interesting.Long post without any images tend to distract the reader and make the blog a little boring. So get your camera near you.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I like it when blogs have a side column of their most popular posts, that way they're easily found and can be enjoyed over and over. I also like it when blogs have a "Page" tab at the top where various topics that the blogger is an expert on can be accessed.

  6. Photos and links make posts a lot more interesting, in my opinion. Graphics in general are a great supplement to text, and links feed that curious streak!

    Photos placed off-center and in varying sizes and shapes add to visual interest.

  7. I don't blog, but love to read quilting related blogs. Shorter entries that get to the point to me are easier to read. Pictures/tutorial are great!

  8. Maybe it's just because I am a visual person, but for my liking, the better you can make the layout and images on your blog, the better it will be. That means clear, crisp, focused images in good light. But it also means spending a little time setting up and cropping the photos so that the essence of what you want is there, clear and interesting. And if you have a few good photos you don't have to post tons and tons of them. No need to have a busy template background because it just takes away from the story that you are trying to tell. My two cents! p.s. Love the dots!!

  9. I like short blog post entries. When I blog, I like to upload a picture or two and write a paragraph or two per post entry.
    I enjoy Wanda Hanson's Exuberant Color blog post entries. She uploads a few pictures and a few paragraphs in daily posts. I look forward to seeing pictures of her flowers and quilting art projects. Often she shares her thoughts as she works through project challenges.
    I find blog post tutorials with pictures showing steps and a few carefully chosen words that get to the "point" enjoyable and helpful.
    But please know, I like to read all kinds of blogs. Blogs about travel, sewing, cooking, photography, yarn and crafting, funny blogs. And not all those blogs have short post entries.
    I've been reading and following blogs for a few years. I think as we all blog and read each other's blogs we improve our blogging skills. We take better pictures. Our writing improve as we share thoughts and ideas.
    My advice is to jump in there, blog, learn, and most of all, have a good time :D

  10. You know me...what do I know about blogging :) So...on that favorite quilt blogs? I would have to say Masha's blog and hmmm maybe

  11. I don't think that I have a favorite blog because I love them all. Congratulations on the 1,000+ readers and I hope your numbers continue to climb.

  12. I would love to brows the simplest blog with more photos and a short entries behind all those photos. I also believe the photos will tell you more stories ever. And I think all bloggers have their own speciality and I love them all !

  13. Ann, thank you for giveaway! I like to use tag "more" when posting new post. so my readers can see 8 or 9 different posts (with title pictures!!) in my main page. I hope it's useful :) so it's like summary, and if something is interesting, you can press "read more" and see whole post.

  14. I don't blog but I love to help my grandma quilt (I am still learning!)

    Great giveaway!

    shankyouverymuch11 @ yahoo. com

  15. Hi there from New Zealand - hope you know where we are on the globe?

    My tip as a blogger is to be yourself, write as you would talk, and be sure to include colourful photos.

  16. I just found your blog and really like it. The post about the circles and dots quilt caught my eye. thanks for telling about this. I blog a lot and blog hop a lot. I like lots of pictures and to see what you have done or are doing. Good luck with your blogging. I'll become a regular reader. PS: one thing I would do is take off those verifying words. I usually don't leave comments if one has that.

    1. Thanks for the tip. The verifiers are annoying aren't they. I turned it off for now. If I get spammed, I'll just restore those settings. Good luck in the drawing!

  17. Welcome to blogland. I recommend posting about what interests you - the readership will follow i fyou write interesting posts about what you like. The biggest boost to my readership has come from cross linking. but you probably already know this. I'm here because you commented on my blog (thanks!), and I'm sure you'll have many, many visits from the giveaway.

  18. Welcome for sure to blogging. I found your site because I checked out the new blogs at Quilting Gallery.
    Your blog caught my eye for the complex looking quilts you have been working on! I love bright colors and lots of mixing. My blog is just over a year now and I remember when my blog hit 1000. I was over the top when my blog crested 10,000 earlier this month. Wow, its so facinating!
    Tip: Unique, creative and lots of photo's. Tutorials are nice, but I find they drive more traffic if they are not on a "page." Otherwise the SEO will only be catching the stuff you post under the 'page' title. I've learned alot over this past year. Its just plain fun!
    Thanks for the giveaway, I have only one spots fabric!
    I'd rather join and follow you by the invitation to add my email address so I get your posting in my inbox, but I don't see the link on your blog. Its a gadget you can easily place up there.
    Check me out at

  19. I'm not a blogger (yet!) but I read lots of quilting blogs everyday. One of my favorites is Bonnie Hunter's at Quiltville She posts often with a nice mix of work-in-progress, funny and interesting travel stories, and lots of great photos. For me, good blogs have lots of good photos, preferably of quilts, cute pets, and pretty scenery. And also, for me, good bloggers write like they are just talking to me, like an old friend. I've enjoyed looking around your blog, and am interested where the name "Orange Crumpled Napkin" came from? It's so unique! Thanks for the giveaway, and I look forward to following your posts.