Sunday, May 20, 2012

W.I.P on the Indian Peel Quilt

So far the comments posted on my first giveaway, that ends on Friday, May 25th, mention the same thing. Photos! Crisp, clean and carefully framed photos. Not surprising since quilters are such visually centered people.  I will have to work on that. Usually when I stop to take pictures of my progress, I am done for the night. I already stayed up too late and my eyes are tired. So I step out on faith that the pictures I am taking are in focus. Sometimes they are not. So today, I stopped a little early to see if that helps with focusing. 

This post is a work in progress on the Orange Peel Quilt I am making for my daughter.
I have the top two rows of the orange peels completed. Right now, they are stuck to my design wall without any centers attached yet. After I put these sections on the design wall, I noticed one of the triangles on the top, second peel really caught my eye.
Doesn't this image look like a screaming head on a Bandaid?

Here is a closeup of two of the sections placed edge to edge.  My goal is to make a 4x5 block quilt with 6 inch borders - a nice size lap size quilt for a long legged teen.

Of course I had scraps left over. Actually quite a bit. The class I took recommended cutting generous sized pieces to attach to the foundation. I did at first, but the waste was beginning to really bother me. Cotton is expensive! And I was really blowing through the yardage I bought for this quilt. So I slowed down a bit and cut smaller triangles that were a closer fit. That way, the waste from cutting the seam allowance down to 1/4" would be insignificant. But by the time I came to that decision, 10 peels had already been sewn. 

I decided to go all ninja Bonnie Hunter and I fished through my trash can for any piece bigger than 3/4 inch and spent a couple of hours making a variety of crumb blocks. Their sizes ranged from 5" to 8 1/2 inches.

Someday, I'll be glad I did this.

The bottom one was kind of fun to do. After I was done, it reminded me of a storm cloud illustration in a children's book. Thanks for all of the blog tips on my Giveaway post. And keep them coming!


  1. Wow,Ann, the Orange Peel quilt looks great! And this last "storm cloud" block is fabulous. I absolutely love it!

  2. Ann, I love your crumb blocks!!! I think it's wonderful idea to create this kind of blocks! (not long ago I sewed something like this for my crazy quilt) colors are very beautiful!!