Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Simplest Solutions

I have a tendency to over think a problem. And the same was true when finishing the final step in Laura's Quilt. What to put in the corners?

It took me all week to draft then piece some samples to audition and the first three were so bizarre, I think they scarred my retina!

The piecing pattern may be simple, but the fabrics are so bright and full of contrast, it was a mistake to add more pattern to the quilt top.
This morning I tried again by sewing some of the leftover wedges together in order to change the direction of the elliptical dots. I think it turned out just right. For mother's day, my daughter will teach me how to use her camera and then we'll go out to scenic locations to take photos of the final quilt top.
After all was complete, I felt happy and a little drained from all of that creative work. And my sewing room was a mess. So I started by taking the leftover scraps and spent the afternoon cutting them into more manageable strips, rectangles and squares. Someday I'll be glad I did this.

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  1. Ann, I really love this quilt top. I'm so excited to see the photos of the finished piece. Do you have any ideas for quilting yet??