Thursday, May 17, 2012

Everything Starts From a Dot

Said Wassily Kandinsky. Born in Odessa and gaining recognition around WW1 as the first modern abstract artist, Kandinsky was the first to note that colors could evoke specific emotions in a person. He even claimed he could see the colors music made. Who am I to doubt him, maybe he did!

 I've been thinking all day long of polka dots and their recent surge in popularity.I admit, I was also looking for ways to gently encourage post readers to enter my first giveaway, details here.   Then I found Jacqui's quilt, Callie's Polka Dot Quilt on her blog,Treadle Quilts.

First of all, what a cool quilt! Love the dots! Secondly, does anybody else see the similarity between her quilt and Kadinski's painting? We quilters make art. Functional art that serves a purpose while feeding the soul and delighting the eyes.


  1. Absolutely LOVE Kandinsky and love the quilt...Circles upon circles. Great!!!

  2. Ann, this is amazing quilt! I red Kandinsky's book "dot and line at plane" and other one about color. very interesting!

  3. Hi Ann, just to let you know I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award, Congrats!

  4. The circles on circles is so vibrant it looks great