Sunday, June 24, 2012

Embroidery Stitchery Contest at the Quilting Gallery

If you have time today, jump over to the Embroidery/Stitchery contest hosted by the Quilting Gallery here, and vote for my friend, Masha's submission, "Encrusted Ferns".  Masha blogged about it here.



  1. oh, Ann, thank you so much! :) you know, maybe my works are not enough perfect for contest. or maybe I choose not very lucky photo. or not right work :)
    anyway I'll try in future again!
    hugs, Masha

  2. Well, I voted, and not because you asked but simply because I liked Masha's quilt. I quite liked also Couverture afghane, Hills and Fields in Alabama and Summer magic, and even disliked the one who won the voting.
    What I learned from the previous contest when mine finished 7th, it's not about quality (mine was awful) at all. You can't see much on that lil picture so in general any bright coloured quilt can score high. There were some really perfect show quilts which ended belov mine.