Thursday, February 28, 2013

Such a Busy Month

I was always the kind of student who could find anything more important to do right when I should be writing a paper or cramming for an exam. And I'm finding the same to be true now, especially since I made a commitment to learn FMQ, in order to finish 2 major projects.

But to free up my time, I have to free up my mind, which means knocking off my list those little chores that nag at me.  In my sewing room, I had a basket on my table that was overflowing with scraps. For some reason, I feel I can't move forward until I deal with them. I divided them up into 3 categories last weekend.
1. Pieces big enough to do something with, (wider than 2.5")
2. Pieces too small to do something with but too big to throw away, (> 1", < 2.5")
3. Pieces too small to do something with, but could be used to make applique circles (>.75", <1").
4. Throw away.

I then spent some more time shoving category 2 into separate jars according to color.  It seems that blue is a major color for me. I needed 3 jars for blue, dark, medium and light.
I spend about 1/2 hour in the morning before leaving for work doing something in the sewing room. This week, I've been grabbing a jar and making crumb blocks out of those pieces. So far, I have 2 blocks done. The white one is 9x12" and the green is a 9x10" polygon.

When I get these done, I don't know if I'll be any closer to starting to free motion quilt, and then I received an invitation from my good friend from Spilling Energy to learn with her Free Motion Quilting during one of our play dates. Yes! Now I can get started.

I've also finished up a number of other tasks on my conscience, but I can't share photos since they are surprises. I mailed out this week my contribution to Kim O'Donnell's block for the Modern Mystery Round Robin 2013, and I mailed to Moscow the embroidery challenge Masha is hosting at autumn-colors-sew-along.

And 2 nights a week, I hand quilt on Laura's quilt, since it is high time that project is finished off as well.

And to finish up some business, the winner of the Fairmount Park Table Runner giveaway is Holly Zurn! I can't wait to see how she uses that fabric.


  1. I've never heard the term "crumb block." I really like the black and white one!

  2. Ann, thank you! :)
    and, I love the idea to work with scraps of one color! I should try it too! I love your blocks!

  3. Sorting and organizing is always a good thing. It helps clear the mind to more creative ideas. Good for you!

  4. Isn't it funny how certain things grab at our mind and demand to have attention? Love your scrap blocks!