Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maybe We Should Run an Advice Column

Yesterday’s Dear Amy column with the quilting grandma’s letter about her ungrateful son and DIL struck a nerve in so many readers. My post received an increase of 444% hits, and the comments section in the Washington Post’s Lifestyle section received 240 comments. Funny, the comments about the advice given to the quilting grandmother with the ungrateful son trumped the alcoholic boyfriend advice by 240 to 5.  I can’t report on the Chicago Tribune’s comment section because they require me to pay to read their paper and I am a bargain hunting news junkie.
I tallied the comments and wasn’t surprised that most of the readers were in favor of chewing out the son in providing what Zurn coined a teaching moment. That is the mom thing to do. 

What came close behind as advice to the quilting grandma was to let go of any expectations of what they will do with the gift, and don’t give anymore.  A lot of comments recommended she take the quilt back and bring it out when the grandchild came to visit to create a special memory. 

And the most popular lament from gift receivers of handmade goods is actually very good advice to those of us who love giving handmade gifts. Just because we love what we do and what we make doesn’t mean others will. We need to check our egos at the door when selecting a gift and give some thought to whether the recipient would need or want it.   
And my favorite comment of all?
Ye Gods, what was so hideous about that "meaningful" quilt that mom's own son told her to stop - just stop - giving them any gifts whatsoever?

It boggles the imagination. Was it full of sinister clowns? Ducks and guns? Psychotic color schemes. Made of old women's underpants?

Ah yes, sinister clowns and psychotic color schemes. I love the word picture of that one. Stay tuned for news on this blog about an upcoming challenge to design the worst quilt ever. Meanwhile I’ll get the address for this ungrateful son and his wife and we can all send them our meaningful work.


  1. Too funny Ann! Are you going to deluge him with quilts that are truly ugly?

  2. I think we all need to send them a quilt and see what they think about that!

  3. Ann I hope u see this
    Email problems last night at my sister's house but when I got off the mountain I was able to check in my phone and didn't see anything from u; We'd love to meet up with u
    We should be done loading everything by noon; we'll be in souderton
    45 min from there to the shop
    U could either email me your phone nber and I could call u when we head that way or we could just pick a time to meet up be
    Just let me know what works for u

  4. Hey Ann, I have nominated you for a Liebster award for great, small blogs! I hope you'll check out my post and join in the fun!