Sunday, November 4, 2012

What a Long, Long Week it Was. . .

First off, I want to tell those affected by Hurricane Sandy, I pray for you each day. I pray for your health and your sanity as you navigate the endless rounds of paperwork and bureaucracy you face to restore your lives to a new normal. I ache for you who have lost loved ones, family pets and prized possessions during the storm. In my solar plexus I feel pain when I view the photographs of the streets I used to walk on. I spent so many summers as a child on the Jersey Shores. So much so, it felt really strange the day I moved to Florida many years ago and had to start using the word "beach" so that the natives knew what I meant. 

  And for my friends and former neighbors in Hudson County NJ and Manhattan, stay strong.  Stay NY strong. Stay in your face Jersey strong.  You will triumph.

 It felt so strange to have power when all around us lost theirs.  Where we live just outside of Philadelphia, the trees came tumbling down like dominoes. Streets were closed and homes were cut off with live wires blocking the paths. If anyone wants to know what hurricane sounds like, it sounds like a long, long train barreling full speed down the tracks which for some reason are located right outside your window. Last week's storm, this sound lasted from Monday afternoon to early Tuesday morning.

I have lived in Florida for many years and have been through several hurricanes while there, but rarely for more than 4 or 5 hours Sandy lingered like an unwelcome guest who refused to leave.

Meanwhile I kept myself occupied with handwork  set aside just in case the power blew. I spent last week working on the Autumn 2012 project, assembling blocks made from beautifully hand dyed fabrics and laces from such talented artists such as Tatyana, Masha, and Tihonciuc. I loved opening these envelopes from Europe and see tumbling out rich autumn colors, and beautiful cards.  As I stitched these together, I noticed that my breathing slowed as my mind drifted away from the present ugliness outside and moved closer to the rich colors and pure beauty I was honored to use. Pure, primal therapy. Thank you ladies, I truly needed this project to clear my mind.This week I will be sending these back to you for the final step, which will be to embellish with embroidery and hidden treasures.

I had a September block swap project with Meg of North Carolina, where I was asked to provide any pattern I wish with green batik on white background. Well Meg, I've never been this late before, but I took the opportunity to use your swap block to alleviate some storm stress. I have titled this block, "Hurricane Sandy". I will be done soon and will be glad to mail this block and all the worries it signifies out of my state.


  1. Dear Ann, I'm so happy that you have received all 3 kits! You created very interesting and rich blocks! Thank you very much! You are very creative!

  2. Ann, it was such a pleasure to visit with you recently and to look through all the treasures in your quilting room. It *almost* tempts me to try my hand at quilting. . . :-). I appreciate your attention to detail and craftsmanship (craftswomanship?). Those are good qualities for all areas of life, and your quilts are a reminder that a thing worth doing is worth doing well.

  3. Seems like the world has been watching in horror the before, during and after of 'Sandy'. Even here in our corner of Ireland many people have relatives and friends affected by it including ourselves (cousins). It really was aweful in its magnitude, you write about it movingly.

    The colours you have been working with are beautiful, I should think such beauty as well as the work itself was exactly what you needed. God's Hand! Sometimes I think He needs us just to be prayer warriors, and see? He gave you the calm to be that!

  4. Ah, another poster from Ireland. You do "get around", Ann, don't you?