Monday, November 19, 2012

Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin Quilt

A few months ago, when I entered the quilt world online, I came across Michele Kuhn's blog, Quilts From My Crayon Box, when she was looking for participants in her Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin. I didn't know much about modern, but I do love a good mystery, so I decided to join in.

Now, 6 months later, we have all finished the monthly send around and most of us have received our quilt tops or will soon receive them.  I'm still not sure what was so modern about it, but it was pretty interesting.

I started my modern mini mystery journey with this as my center block.

For the first month of my add on, I added a pieced border to this block.
Next came this bright, breezy block.
I did others, but I guess I forgot to take their pictures. But here is another one, where I tried to bring the center colors back into the border.
Then the last one I had to work on was this.
And last, here is a photo of my quilt top which is on its way to me.
I'm looking forward to seeing it first hand.
If you want a great sightseeing tour, take a trip to the following pages and look at all the other quilt tops that transpired over the summer. And thanks Michele, this was fun!

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Bea - Beaquilter
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Madame Samm - Sew We Quilt (hasn't received her quilt back home yet, hopefully in Monday's mail)
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Celine - Espritpatch
Leslie - Les Quilts
Margaret - hasn't received her block back yet, will be posted on my blog when it arrives
Tiffany - Pink Sweet Treats


  1. I remember working on your piece Ann! It certainly is splendid with lots of lovely colour. Amazing how differently they all turned out.

  2. Wow, some of those are amazing. Looks like such a fun project :)

  3. Round robins are fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the one I participated in. Congrats on yours coming back with so much character!

  4. Thank you for adding to my block! I remember the border I added to yours. It took me a while to choose just the right fabrics there was so much happy color going on! :D I really love how your top turned out.

  5. very interesting project!! congratulations with your new quilt top! :)

  6. I too love how yours turned out. Thank you so much for playing.