Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog Birthday in the Park and a Giveaway!

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Time to Throw a PARTY in the PARK!!!!

It doesn't matter that it's the middle of winter. Philadelphians play outside ALL year long!

Fairmount Park

One of the world’s largest city park systems begun by one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, The Park (4,180 acres) is the largest landscaped park in the U.S. We walk, we run, we bicycle, we rollerblade, or we drive along Kelly and West River Drives. 

And the Art Museum! One of the top five in the country with the world’s greatest collection of Impressionist works, as well as the Rodin Museum.

We have Boat House Row, where the local universities store their boats for their crewing teams,
And you know who else we have?
Her studio is right here and she has created an amazing line of fabrics celebrating Fairmount Park! I'm staring at it now. It has gorgeous tree silhouettes, leaves tinged with gold, soothing luminous ripple designs, and in three colorways - afternoon, midnight, and spring. It truly captures the feel of a beautiful city park.

Isn't this a beautiful table runner design? Don't you love it? It features Lonni's Fairmount Park Line using fabrics from the Fairmount Park Afternoon and Fairmount Park Midnight colorways. You can download the pattern for free here, at Andover Fabrics. You can order the fabrics here at Lonni Rossi's website. 
Or you can win this giveaway!  

I stopped by  her studio today and fell in love, again, with her work. She had on display this table runner, and it is a breath stopper, and so easy to make! You gotta try it! Just today, they started to sell some Fairmount Park Quilted Table Runner Kits, and I just had to get one for you.

The give away is for the kit which includes all the fabric you need to make this beautiful 25" x 65" table runner/wall hanging, including the back. All you need to provide is thread, batting and a bit of fusible webbing.

All you have to do is:
1. Leave a comment. (You can talk about whatever you like).

2. Make sure I can contact you. (Be careful about commenting through Google Plus, they don't always allow me to reply back). If I choose your comment but can't reply back to you, I'll random choose again.

3. Live on Planet Earth in a place with a Post Office. (This is open to International Visitors).

4. Comment to this post before Saturday, February 9th, which is when I will run the Random Generator and choose a winner. 

Good luck, and thanks for visiting!



  1. Wow what a beautiful table runner. It is so elegant. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Congrats on the blog birthday! The table runner is gorgeous--very sophisticated and elegant!

  3. I love the colors. So rich and beautiful

  4. You know I love it! Thanks, Ann, for the opportunity :)And congratulations on a
    year rich in creativity and expression....wishes for many more!

  5. I found your blog through Zurn, who has introduced me to the wonderful world of quilting. Ok, my mother actually did but I always felt it was too fiddly. Looking at all these beautiful things you girls all make, makes me want to give it a try. So who knows, I might through your wonderful giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I am not anonymous but somehow the site thinks I am. I'm Iris from A Gilded Yarn... Crazy machines!

  6. Ok... apparently I am not anonymous after all. Go figure...

  7. Gorgeous fabrics! I have never seen that designer before. I'm cruising her website now and totally hooked! Thanks for sharing :) Kat

  8. Happy Blogaversary Ann and many more to come. I love your blog and try and leave you a comment when I can. Thank you so much for this wonderful year.

  9. I luv your blog which I discovered on someone's blog list and your name intrigued me cuz I luv orange! I am so glad I stopped by!

  10. Really a gorgeous table runner..would love to make it...thanks!

  11. Congrats to you, Ann! you are wonderful cretive person!
    and, I'd love to win this beautiful thing :)
    thank you!

  12. Oh my, its beautiful fabrics, a generous giveaway.

  13. Happy blogiversary! That is a really nice grouping of fabrics and of course I'd love to have them for my very own. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. congratulations on your year mark -- that is a beautiful park and I will be following you mroe closely going forward. Thanks for the traveling stash boxes as well (that's how I found you through