Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Won Some Fabric!

The last time I won something, was at a ladies retreat 15 years ago, where I won a casserole dish someone bought at the dollar store. So when I received the email from Terri Cohen that I won her giveaway that she ran on her blog,, I was thrilled.  It may as well have been the lottery! Terri runs an online store, Quilternity, and put together a giveaway of 3 yards of Jill Gordon fabric.

These are such bright, large print fabrics! I see these as cut up as flower petals or feathers in a tropical bird applique. Or perhaps another stack and whack series of blocks to take advantage of the high contrasting colors.  I'm going to enjoy working with these, and I thank you Terri!  The whole experience of winning inspired me to plan my own giveaway once this blog receives a 1000 hits.  It could be soon.


  1. Ann, you are more than welcome. It was a fun giveaway and I'm happy you were the winner. I'll be watching to see how you end up using these lovely fabrics.

  2. Congrats. Lots of brighness there.