Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Slow Jamming the Student Loan

My blog isn't for politics because I want this place to be a bit of a refuge from silliness. I don't have cable in my home, so whatever TV my kids and I watch will be through Hulu. So I don't see much late night TV at all. But this morning, I watched a clip from the Jimmy Fallon show and almost spat out my coffee I laughed so hard.

When my son entered college, he was blessed to have received a 75% scholarship from the state of Florida because he maintained a 3.0 average. He's graduated now, and my daughter is entering the 9th grade. We live in Pennsylvania now and they don't have a program similar to Florida's. That gives me 4 years to figure out a way to pay for her college education. It's a huge crisis here, and a common topic of discussion when us moms get together to sew.  Whether or not you agree with the president's position, you'll enjoy this creative way of delivering his message to congress.  I love creativity.


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